With art in the blood

The Royal Blue Gallery is located fantastic in Hägernäs beach outside Stockholm, overlooking
the water.
– The idea was to do a small gallery in a pleasant environment targeted to an audience wanting
to see something out of the ordinary, says Mikael Aronovich.
– Over the years we have had a number of exhibitions, including the Russian artist Viktoria Tikhomirova and Swedish artist Anders Wallin.
- We make graphic magazines in ‘Giclée’ fine art digital prints using a type of pigment print, so that interested customers can have the opportunity to buy a piece at a slightly lower price
without compromising on quality.

– This is a way they can offer young people the opportunity to buy unique works of art for a
reasonable amount of money. It’s an exciting one, an alternative to purchasing a painting at a
large department store that many others will have at home on their wall.
- Here you get one of only twenty copies made and signed by the artist. We also hold internet auctions so we can reach wider participants with our concept and we also offer art glass pieces from artists such as Orrefors Kosta Boda.
- Art is within me, it’s in my DNA. My family owned Bukowski’s Auctions for many years, my uncle ran one of the country’s top galleries. It has become an escape, my joy and it allows me to continue my other business, affording me the opportunity to spend some of my energy doing what I have loved all through my life. Spending time with artists is also something I really appreciate it a lot, I like to think I too have an artistic vein.

– Over the years portrait painting has been experimented with a lot. Today for example we
photograph exclusively with mobile cameras, though we want to take it a step further. To
combine portrait photography with an artistic frame provides a completely different experience. Viktoria Tikhomirova has done this in a very exciting ways, as you can see in some of her shoots.
- When a photograph gets an artistic frame or decoration, you experience a more personal
relation with the image that’s difficult to achieve with just a single photograph. It adds another dimension, something we see a lot of in modern portraiture. It’s become a way for Royal Blue Gallery to create its own window into a narrow niche, as opposed to running the gallery in a more traditional sense.
- This is also a way to try to maintain an artistic level in our modern information society with everything about now, the present with it available instantly at our fingertips. I believe that many people, especially the young - would almost certainly feel better taking a step back, taking time, enjoying art, allowing it to stimulating the senses at a slightly more comfortable pace, Mikael Aronovich concludes.

Text: Tony Manieri
Photo: Royal Blue Galleri