The Art round in northwest Skåne

For most people, Skåne is synonymous with beautiful scenery, culinary experiences and a high quality of life in general. Perhaps a lesser known fact is that Skåne is also home to what is probably the world’s largest art exhibition. And in northwest Skåne it is for the 26th year.

Every year around the Easter weekend, Skåne is bubbling with activity and creativity as artists across the region open their studios and homes for visitors. In northwestern Skåne, there are over a hundred artists involved in this genuine art festival with meeting places throughout the region. Painters, sculptors and craftsmen all participate and show their art - this is a unique opportunity to enjoy and share everything from paintings and sculptures to metal art, drawings, prints, wood art, ceramics, porcelain, photo art and more.

All artists included in the art round are members of the local artists’ association NVSK
- Nordvästra Skåne’s Artists’ Association - which means that they are established artists in their area of expertise. For visitors who are longing for new inspiration, home decor and a feeling of southern Swedish spring, this is the perfect opportunity as several of the artists open the doors to both their homes and workshops. The art round is a great opportunity to meet and talk with the artists behind the art, discuss their works and literally smell the color.

Northwest Skåne with its eleven municipalities is Skåne’s densest region of professional artists, active in diverse cultural environments, close to to the noise of the sea and inspiring natural beauty. NVSK - Northwest Skåne’s Artists Association are today organizers of one of the country’s largest annual art events, the Konstrundan in Northwest Skåne. The frequency of visits is impressive and holds the positions year after year. Only the collection exhibition at Landskrona Kunsthall usually attracts thousands of visitors. Outside of artists, hundreds of thousands of visitors are counted, who are also boosting tourism and contributing to the commerce of cities and villages. The concept of a collection exhibition, open workshops and studios turned out early to attract a large audience. It is a comprehensive art event that enables unique encounters between creative artists and art lovers, a mutually rewarding concept that has developed into a long-awaited tradition, like a popular movement.

NVSK celebrated the publication of an anniversary book. In this beautiful book the focus is on portraying the association’s artists in text and image in close collaboration and dialogue. With the aim of finding the personal expression of each artist and making every voice heard, many candid moments have been spent at kitchen tables, studios and workshops.

The author and literature professor Helmer Lång, founder and long-time chairman of NVSK, instituting a scholarship fund for young promising artists in 2008. The 2019 award winner is named Harald Hjärne, 23 years.
According to Harald, painting is something that cannot be replaced, and the ambition is to continue as a professional artist life out. A lot of exhibitions have already passed through audits, of which the Spring Exhibition at Liljevalch 2018 is the most prominent, where he contributed three works. Harald participated in the 2019 art round with two works at the collection exhibition in Landskrona. Since 2006, Konstrundan in Northwest Skåne has also been a popular art lottery, and under the quality and diversity of Nordvästra Skåne’s Artists Association continues to keep the banner high. The chairman and project manager in Konstrundan Nordvästra Skåne is the artist and photographer Tomas Montelius:
- In total we have about 100,000 visitors, both from Sweden and abroad. Only our app generates over 30,000 visits, which of course is exciting. This year, 121 of 179 members of the art association are exhibiting, so there is no doubt that it is popular with the artists as well.

Do you notice any special trends in the art round?
- Yes, we actually do. Last year it was almost only large paintings, but one year we had a picture that was 5x5 cm. It actually hung a magnifying glass next to the blackboard, which of course attracted many curious eyes.
- Then we have a special preview for advertisers and sponsors together with the artists and guests, which usually generates large sales. So all in all, it looks bright for the art round in northwestern Skåne, and we look forward to a nice and interesting round this year too, concludes Tomas Montelius.

Text: Tony Manieri
Photo: Tomas Montelius, Matz Svensson