Stöten is this year’s ski resort!

The nomination read: “Stöten is the northernmost facility in Sälenfjällen, it developed within the shadows of the other local facilities. The ambitious improvement work of last year - the big lift
venture has, this year, been followed up with nice new slopes, providing better snow experiences and an impressive ski run and all without losing its soul. Stöten continues on its exciting track, largely thanks to the dedicated staff who provide a high level of service. The impact is an even more attractive, healthy picture for those who ski in Sälenfjällen”.
– We are proud, honored and indescribably happy to be the ‘Ski Resort of the Year!’ We have our fantastic staff to thank for this! All are genuinely knowledgeable and supportive which is noticed by our guests in the service that they each receive. Thanks also to our guests, many of whom return over the years. Having now been officially appointed and praised as this year’s winner is yet more proof of this”,
Chief Executive Officer of Stöten i Sälen AB Johan Thorn says.
MagazineSweden interviewed Magnus Dovallius, the marketing manager:

What are you proudest of this season?
– Our staff! Guests come from all over the country to experience the season at our resort. Our utmost aim is to deliver a good experience to all of them. Receiving this year’s Ski resort award is really down to our amazing staff and we owe our thanks to each one of our employees!

What kind of skiing awaits the visitors to Stöten?
– We usually say it’s the width that is our strength. We have invested in building a complete ski area, which includes slopes for all, from beginners to pros! The black slopes here are some of Sweden’s best slopes; the highest altitude of Sälenfjällen and several kilometer long blue and green slopes for those who would prefer to Cruise down at a slower pace and enjoy the Swedish and Norwegian mountain world.

Do you have any fun things for the kids?
– Lots! In addition to all child-adapted skiing we have the ’Wolf Club’ and our mascot Vargy. The club organizes activities almost daily and all for kids only! You can also leave the kids with Vargy, assured that they are nice and cozy in the Varglyan. Here they can play to their hearts content and also experience some night time fun. Also available in Stöten there’s a water park including a large activity center, Game Zone, Ping Pong, Floorball, plus more games and lots of other stuff.

What do you look forward to most this season?
– Oh, that’s hard to choose! Of course I am always excited to see all our guests and observe
their bliss of skiing on our slopes and enjoy our beautiful community spirit. On a personal level, I yearn after the day’s first ski on lovely fresh virgin snow and eating waffles afterwards with my family, Magnus Dovallius concludes.

Text: Anna Ekberg
Photo: Magnus Dovallius