Stockholm Toy Museum

Located in the middle of Stockholm in Skeppsholmen is The Toy Museum. The museum is situated within secret military premises, built during World War II to ensure that no enemies could discover what’s going on. Excitingly it is almost an impossibility to discover the fantastic toy museum within, if you do not know where the exact entrance is. Inside is an exciting underground maze filled with cheerful coloured walls and stuffed with over 40,000 toys and comic books that attract visitors all year-round.

Stockholm Toy Museum holds a private collection of toys and comics, owned by David von Schinkel. Together with his father they have collected toys for over 60 years. For many years the collection was housed at Tidö Castle outside Västerås, however, since autumn 2017 they have been on show in Skeppsholmen.
- The bunk room, a large military shelter, built during the 1940s as a iason centre for the Navy. In the 1960s, the military moved out to Muskö, and since then the premises have been left more or less empty. The East Asian Museum and The World Culture Museum used the premises for temporary exhibitions, but we are the first permanent tenants, says Kajsa Logan-Müller, designer at Stockholm Toy Museum.
- About 40 craftsmen and artists built this environment together, and the result is really amazing. Today it is almost possible to forget that this was once a military premises.
- The showroom is a very playful place. The space is magical, somewhere that everyone can experience something fun and exciting to, no matter your age. The oldest toys in the collection are dated from the 15th century, the collection then extends through the centuries until the present day.

It is absolutely amazing that you can make a colorful toy show in old underground military rooms.
- It sure is! It doesn’t feel at all claustrophobic being underground, with its high roof and easy access to all the space. Whist at the same time feeling like you are in a secret location - almost like being in a spy movie! The raw stone walls provide an excellent contrast to all the colorful toys and other collection items, making the experience even more enjoyable. In some places, traces of the old business are visible. There are some foundations from working with torpedoes during the war that have been left in the walls, we use them to support some of our booths, the effect is very popular.

What fun stuff do you have planned for the Spring?
- Our exhibition on horses is going to be extended due to its popularity. It is quite great focus on cane horses, and a while ago we had a cane horse parade outside the museum, and that became a great success . People visited from everywhere it ended being a real party atmosphere. It was such fun that we plan to run it again both in the Winter and the Easter holidays.
- In addition, there will be a special exhibition of motorcycles and our vehicle toys. We have been given an amazing opportunity, the chance to showcase a brand new electric Harley-Davidson. In the same category we are showing Grandma Duck’s car, which was also electric!
- We have some exciting news we will be participating in and arranging the Nordic Championships in jojo, which we look forward to the huge. Together with a skier ranked in the top ten of the world, we are building a big trail as a one of event with everything concerned with jojo. There will be competitions, shows and courses for the curious.
- Not forgetting a whole host of other fun events to come in the spring, we never stop playing here at The Stockholm Toy Museum! Kajsa Logan-Müller colcludes.

Text: Tony Manieri
Photo: Stockholm Toy Museum

BERGRUMMET was created in the early 1940s to accommodate the commander and his staff during wartime. It consists of eight tunnels linked with transverse ships and various aisles. The plant has a total area of 4,800 square meters. In the 1990s, all the furnishings were demolished. The stone room was created at the beginning of 2010 as a space for special exhibitions, including The East Asian Museum and The World Culture Museum. The storage room is owned
by the National Property Board of Sweden and rent the space to The Tidö collection of toys and comics, under the name of The Stockholm Toy Museum. Until 2017, The Stockholm Toy Museum was located at Tidö castle outside Västerås under the name Tidö toy and comics. It was inaugurated in 1974 as The Toy Museum. In 2017 the collection was moved to its current premises in Stockholm, here it is housed within a 2,500 square meter area, which is just over half of its Skeppsholmen’s mountain rooms. At the same time, the museum at Tidö Castle was closed. The museum was built by The Museum Director and owner David Von Schinkel along with scenographer Caroline Romare. The collections comprise of around 40,000 toys dating from the 17th century onwards. Thus making the museum the largest collection of toys in Northern Europe. The exhibition is sorted by theme. On the ‘infostations’ - some 60 monitors, the exhibits are explained not only in Swedish, but in English, Finnish, Turkish, German and Chinese. The museum has its own café and small shop.