Jill's Wines

Nashville Stories is a personalized wine with style that suits occasions there; community, food
and music are at the center. The wines are caringly selected by artist Jill Johnson and are
inspired by her dining experiences, memories and special life moments. Nashville Story’s wines stand for quality, taste and feeling regardless of country of origin. The bubble fits extra well as an aperitif together with small bites for festive occasions.
- I love to invite my loved ones round for good food and drink, especially when I get home between my commitments. It’s one way to celebrate seeing them and being seen! This year I have lived several dreams of mine and next to the music and that this sparkling wine, says Jill Johnson.
– Nashville Stories Prosecco Brut is an organic wine that works perfectly as an aperitif but also for lighter Mediterranean and other light dishes. Prosecco’s country of origin is Italy, though the wine style has become so popular it’s exported to large parts of the world, not least to the United States – a country located close to Jill Johnsons’ heart after her many visits to the city of Nashville.
The first wine to be released from Nashville Stories in the spring, was a red wine that is perfect with spicy casseroles. The wine is an excellent complement to southern American food culture but also tolerates being drunk on the terrace in good company Nashville Stories red wine and Nashville Stories Prosecco Brut are available in some stores or you can order at Systembolaget.

Text: Editorial
Photo food pictures: Ulrika Ekblom